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First Ride cropFirst Ride of Spring – It’s funny how some stories seem to have minds of their own. I intended to write an account of an actual event, but by the third sentence the story galloped off in a direction of its own choosing with hilarious results. It was a prize winner in the Grand Haven Tribune’s, Snowbound Writers Contest.

Searching for a Better Way to Educate our Children – Long before Hillary Clinton wrote IT TAKES A VILLAGE, the founders of SOLAR created an accredited community/school on the Leelanau Peninsula that garnered praise from as far away as Scotland and Switzerland. I took part in that experiment in alternative education in the 1970’s. My article about SOLAR appeared on the front page of the Midwest Business Alliance Journal.

Someone cropSomeone Else’s Garden – It opens with a poem drawn from the language of flowers that provides a key to the outcome of this mysterious tale of two women who tend the same garden decades apart. Inspired by a true story, it appeared previously in the CWP anthology, SOMEONE HAS TO DIE.

Miniature Monet Garden in Lakeside Town – This garden is a lovely addition to one’s travel itinerary when visiting West Michigan. The article appeared in Capper’s ‘On the Garden Path’.

Blues Band crop - Copy An American Blues Band in Paris – appeared in the CWP anthology, NOT FROM AROUND HERE, ARE YOU? It was dedicated to my friend Russell Givens who passed away in November of 2007. A Blues man of extraordinary talent, Russell was admired as much for his generous spirit as for his musical abilities. Russell loved to make people laugh. After returning from a month-long stay in Paris, he entertained us with the hilarious tale of his encounter with French cuisine. I conjured up a story of a blues band in a similar situation and presented it to him for his birthday in 2006. When he gave me permission to publish it he said, “It’s perfect…just like being there. They’re going to wonder how you were able to write this.”

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