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The turn of a phrase that prompts a laugh, a plot twist that surprises, fascinating characters who seem to write their own stories, rhythms and rhymes and language that Trek to Pokhara - rope bridge (2)make reading such a pleasure–all these drew me into the craft of writing.

My love affair with the written word began at age four, sparked by my father’s avid reading and my mother’s care in teaching me to decipher the cryptic groups of symbols we come to know as words. I began writing poetry at eleven-years-of-age, encouraged by my sixth grade English teacher. Years later, the tediousness of a repetitive job prompted me to begin my first novel. The story unfolded as I worked, and was recorded during breaks.

I might have continued to write solely for my own amusement if a friend had not introduced me to the Cincinnati Writers Project: a raucous bunch who nevertheless know their craft and mercilessly drive home the essentials of good writing in their Wednesday evening critique sessions. A writers group is an invaluable tool for a budding author. My articles and stories began appearing in print immediately.

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With an educational background in Graphic Arts and English, I’ve worked as a printer, editor, production photographer, technical data clerk, jewelry designer, artist and art dealer.

I have a passion for horticulture. I created a garden at one home from the subsoil up, even designing structural elements. It was featured in an article I wrote for Organicgardening.com. That garden was also the subject of a lecture and slide presentation I gave to the West Michigan Master Gardeners.

A decades old garden I restored in Cincinnati, Ohio was the inspiration for my short story, SOMEONE ELSE’S GARDEN. A more sinister version of the same garden has become the setting for my current mystery novel project, Death by Cold Steel. It’s the story of a place haunted by the spirit of a young man who died on railroad tracks nearby. Nearly forty years later, Juli Kirkpatrick moves into his former home and inadvertently begins uncovering clues as she digs in the backyard. Against the advice of a friend and her own better judgment, she seeks to uncover the secrets surrounding that death, never realizing how close she is to suffering the same fate.

Some of my other interests are watercolor painting and cross-stitching. Pics of two of my favorite creations are shown below – Nepalese Sunshine and Sofa Cat:






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