Some great sites I’d like to share:

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Argon Press (  Argon Press is a great new publisher and it is my pleasure to publish with them.



Steve LeBel (  LeBel writes humorous fantasies about a world of gods and goddesses and the universes they build.  His first book in the Universe Builder Series is called Bernie and the Putty.

J. Scott Payne (   Payne writes historical novels about the Civil War.  This reporter’s first novel is A Corporal No More.

H. William Ruback (  H. William writes a multitude of fiction that stretches across various genre.  His first novel,Shadowpet, pushes the boundaries of horror to a new terrifying height.

Linda Watkins (  Watkins writes in a variety of genres. Her debut novel, Mateguas Island, and its sequel, Return to Matequas Island, are supernatural thrillers. Works in other genres can be previewed at her personal website: