Bargain Paradise cover6Who doesn’t want a little bit of heaven on earth?

The addictive powers of horticulture – how many of you have fallen under its spell? I certainly have. The idea of letting a lawn remain uncultivated and undecorated is unconscionable to me.That’s a view of one of my gardens on the cover of BARGAIN PARADISE. Not a blade if grass remained in that backyard after I was finished.

Gardening is a contagious addiction. Many people get the ‘bug’ after seeing a beautiful planting in someone’s yard. That was the inspiration for BARGAIN PARADISE. This little novella follows the antics of new gardener Loretta as she discovers the joys and hardships of creating an organic work of art. Her husband Jerry is confused and frustrated by changes germinating from Loretta’s new avocation. Her secret plan for their property is only revealed after many ups and downs in their relationship. What will help them find a middle ground? Maybe a really bad day.

This story is sure to make you smile and has been known to elicit a hearty laugh or two. It’s available as an e-book on

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